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Young Adult 16-26

You are trying to figure out life after graduation or you are just getting started looking for work experience.

Job Seeker

You have an in-demand skill and want to get matched to jobs with companies making a positive impact on our future.

Reskilling or Upskilling

You are ready for a new line of work or need to refresh your skills to keep doing what you love.

Career Services for Organizations

You are looking for a way to offer career services or tools to ready your students or employees for the future of work.

Get the Support Tools you need to create the work-life you want.

Match with jobs based on skills not resumes - Länch App Experience
Match with jobs based on skills not resumes
Schedule Career Coaching Sessions - Länch Experience
Schedule Career Coaching Sessions
Access Courses and Education - Länch Experience
Access Courses and Education
Unique Talent Profile Assessments - Länch Experience
Unique Talent Profile Assessments

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Länch App Explore new job opportunities
Job hopping doesn't work

Explore new job opportunities

Länch App Make people connections
Digital job hunting is inhuman

Make people connections

Länch App Build knowledge for marketable skills
Overpaying for education isn't smart

Build knowledge for marketable skills

Länch App Build your talent profile
Resume gaming is out

Build your talent profile

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Länch App What we DON'T DO

What we DON'T DO

  • Ask for a resume
  • Sell your profile data
  • Leave you ghosted when you match with jobs
  • Leave you guessing about next steps
Länch App What WE DO

What WE DO

  • Ask you about your personality, attitude and attributes
  • Keep your profile private
  • Communicate whenever possible
  • Give you feedback and recommendations