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länch (launch) is an app that equips young adults with the tools they need to kick-start their work life from education, career coaches and real-time job matching based on skills – not resumes. 

Key Features

Resumes vs Skills Based Matching

One Profile Matches You To All Jobs

Most young adults are working in the food and beverage industry, retail or shift work through out the duration of high school and college.

Resumes focus on WHERE you worked. At launch, we focus on the skills you’ve obtained in the working world instead. We provide the opportunity for young adults to match with jobs as your skills evolve without feeling limited based on your experience and work history. 

No resume formatting pains.

No repetitive applications. 

No searching.

Just matching.

Best Way To Start Your Career

Experience The Difference

Unlike public job boards, staffing agencies and resume based systems we put the job seeker first. 

We cut out the middle man to ensure you make the most out of the wage being offered. We focus on your skills instead of your work history to match you to job available. Check out how we put you first to allow you to control your work life. 

Manage Your Work-Life Goals

Earn, Learn, Work, Connect

You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals, if you write them down. 

Log your goals in the app to get one step closer to the work-life you want.


The Real World of Work Program

Deciding what to do after high school?

Whether it’s finding the right career for you, making the right investment in your post high-school education or saving years of self discovery through trial and error, we give young adults a tangible and actionable plan that helps them achieve their career goals sooner rather than later.

Our exculsive Real Work of Work Program provides real world experience through paid internships, virtual reality sessions, career coaching and more.

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