Educator Partnerships

Where Secondary Schools Can Provide Measurable Impact To The Students

With the pressures to be successful from parents, peers and social media, young adults need expert guidance to make informed and realistic decisions on their work options and financial capabilities.

The launch app, program’s and resource’s come alongside CTE departments to make that guidance more applicable to the ral world.  Together, we can ensure proper preparation, investment in post high school education and career discovery for each students unique needs. 

Learn how we can participate in your community to make your high school a hot spot for all career and college readiness opportunities.  


The Real World of Work Program

This is a 3-6 month program designed to ready young adults for the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The program leverages behavioral sciences, proven work-ready and college readiness pathways, and technology for good.

Career Services

Offer the opportunity for your students to get guidance and insight on how to navigate the future of work and how to connect their work goals with their life goals. Our career coaches are experienced professionals with no less than 5 years of experience in a specific profession.

Tracking & Reporting

Receive Impact reporting when your students participate in any launch service. Each student will receive an access code specific to your ISD so you can demonstrate your programs success as it relates to your alumni and developing a skilled workforce.

By 2025 85 million jobs will be displaced or obsolete.

Every Student Succeeds Act

Meet federal, state, and local funding requirements for Every Student Succeeds Act.

Measure and track attendance and enrollment to meet ongoing funding needs and other requirements for grants and funding related to career readiness.

By 2025, plumbers will have a higher salary than computer programers.

Benefits To Educators

Our programs and services allow educators to stay up to date with future of work trends, compliment their curriculum with our real world application and offer a competitive advantage for your students to succeed after high school.

Reduce Costs

Reduce administrative costs and budget constraints to deliver a best in class career and college readiness program.

No Implementation

Eliminate the need for investing in technology that requires complexity in implementation.

Measurable Outcomes

Measure your students' success rate in all of their post high school options .See how many students enter trade school, go directly into full-time employment or plan to attend a 4 year university.

Stay Connected

Stay updated and connected to job market needs, future of work trends and how companies are filling their next generation pipeline. We compliment your existing CTE pathways so your students are confident that it aligns to the real world.

Benefits To Students

Students have a world of technology, resources and influences at their finger tips. 

Give them a resource they can relate to from the people they trust most. 

Safe & Secure

We are a closed and secure platform. Students cant interact with anyone on the app except their career coach. We protect their digital identity while cultivating s safe learning environment .

Saves Money

We help students find the best cost for the education they need post high school. Helping them reduce post-secondary education expenses and dodge unnecessary debt.

Gain Professional Skills

Students will gain networking skills, learn how to use common work place tools such as Microsoft Office Teams and leverage real world applications such as writing a professional email.

Relieves Pressure

With the pressures to be successful from parents, peers and social media, young adults need guidance outside the classroom to make informed and realistic decisions on their work options.

How To Get Started

Together We Can Prepare Students For The Future of Work

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