Internships and Learn on the Job

Do you want to work but have had too many barriers to getting started in the job you want? Have you been searching entry level jobs and they require at least one year of experience? Are you just getting started in your career or interested in making a career switch and need some work experience? If any of these scenarios apply to you, then a learn on the job (LOT) job with lanch might be the best place to start.

Lanch (sounds like launch) is hiring people for learn on the job (LOT) opportunities. If you are interested in our jobs, download the lanch app powered by pepelwerk and finish your profile to see if you match.

What is a Learn On the Job (LOT) Job?

It is half work half learning. There are a lot of names for these kind of jobs: apprenticeship, externship and internship, are a few of the terms. When you get a learn-on-the-job job with lanch, you are expected to apply what you learn on day-to-day work assignments or specific projects. Or, you may be expected just to observe.

Will I get paid?

It depends on the job. Internships and apprenticeships are paid. Externships are typically not paid. The minimum per hour rate, if you are paid, is $10-$15/hr. Remember, you are learning valuable marketable skills and gaining work experience from our jobs to help build your future for getting higher paying jobs and increase income.

What kind of LOT Jobs?

We have a need for people with an interest in a wide variety of industries solving a variety of problems. The kind of work can be psychical or mental, creative or process orientated, indoor, outdoor, working with customers and working on projects.

Who will I be working with?

Work is about solving problems for customers and the business so that you can earn an income. In order to do that you will work with a variety of personalities, work brands and styles. Most importantly you will need to consider the culture of the company to decide if it is good fit for you.

What is my schedule for the LOT Jobs?

It varies based on the kind of LOT it is. Most are flexible and can work with an open shift and are 100% or hybrid. Some are set schedules and need you to be in-person.

How will I get to my LOT if it is on-site and I don’t have transportation?

We offer many rewards for our Talent, if you need transportation assistance, we may be able to help.

What else will I get from lanch during my LOT experience?

In addition to valuable work experience, you will get access to continued learning and development to develop your skills, access to programs, discounts and benefits. This also includes community programs that help you develop your network, access to coaches and mentors.

If I get a LOT, when do I start?

Each job has a different start and stop date. You are not meant to be on LOT forever. We want your next step to get the entry level job you want that matches your career goals.

A little about lanch brand:

We are a company dedicated to helping people evolve with work. Learn more about us at

What we are not:

  • We do not ask you to complete an application until you are hired. It’s your personal information keep it to yourself until you know you have a real shot at the job.
  • We do not evaluate your fit for job based on a resume. If you have a resume, you can add it to your profile but not a requirement.
  • We are not a staffing agency or outsourcing company.

Create your talent profile on the lanch app powered by pepelwerk and see if you are a match!