From Internships To Part-Time Jobs, Apprenticeship or Full-Time Positions The Real World of Work Program Is Your One Stop Shop For Career Success

By bringing work and education closer than ever before our students are able to make informed and realistic connections about their future.

We show you the reality of how organizations run, teach you basic skills to become a successful working professional and set you up for success in the career path of your choice. We leverage behavioral sciences, proven work-ready and college readiness pathways, and technology to teach you more about yourself, what career you would enjoy and how to make it become a reality!

Who Can Register For The Program?

Launches exclusive Real World of Work Program is designed for young adults ages 16-25.

The program works best when taken your freshman, sophomore or junior year of high-school. This ensures you know college is the right path for you before filling out college applications your junior/senior year. 

However, we have many students currently enrolled in college and recent college graduates who participate in the program .

Why Should I Participate Before Deciding on College?

According to new data presented by The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 41% of college graduates are underemployed working in jobs that don’t require a college degree.

At launch, we don’t want you to become another statistic.

We believe higher education is valuable when introduced at the right time and as it applies to work-life goals you have. The program is meant to be a preventative course of action, rather than a last resort.

Your education path could consist of any of the following:  certificates, licensing programs, online courses, trade schools, associate degree or bachelor’s degree. 

Don't Just Take It From Us.

Companies Moving Away From Hiring Based On A Degree
Focusing More On Hiring Based On Skills

Program Details

We tailor our program to our students’ needs, interests, and availability.

Most students complete the full program in 3-6 months. You may enroll in the full program or by individual modules.

Module 1. Real World of Work Rotation and Paid Internship

Spend 6 weeks learning how a business operates with specific projects, interactive challenges, and self-paced online courses. This is your opportunity to “try before you commit” to an education path. Learn about the different industries and areas of business such as marketing, information technology, finance, human resources, operations, and sales to discover where your natural abilities, skills and interests lie. There is a 4-hour/week commitment minimum for the self-paced courses. 

After your online courses are complete, spend 8 weeks using the knowledge you gained from your rotation and apply them in a real world setting! You will be matched to a company to complete your paid internship based on your interests. Our interns make anywhere between $12-$15 an hour. 

Module 2. Career Coaching

Complete 12 coaching sessions with your personal career coach who will guide you through the program and help you create an education and career plan that is right for you. Our career coaches are experienced business leaders with over 10 years of experience in your field or industry of interest. 

Module 3. Virtual Reality

Experience a day in the life of your chosen field and give your purpose a virtual test drive in a customized VR session.

Module 4. Pick a Path

Now you are equipped and ready to launch your best path!

With the advice and knowledge you gained from your career coach you are confident in your next move. For some that mean going directly into a full time position with the company they interned with. For others it will be submitting their college applications.

Whatever the path is, we help you secure a job, find the right education at the best price and/or connect you with externships or apprenticeships abroad.

The path is yours!

Take Control of Your Career Journey

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