The Most Important thing to do before graduation

Real World of Work program!

Why join the Real World of Work Program before you graduate?

  • Because we want you to be prepared for a fast changing job market.
  • Save yourself from unnecessary student debt.
  • Make a plan to reach your income goals.
  • Get access to funding for knowledge building courses, degrees, certificates and licenses programs to gain marketable skills.
  • Start getting internship, externship and apprenticeship work experience to build a career.

Program Overview

Achieve your Work-Life Goals after graduation.

We show you the reality of how organizations run, teach you basic skills to become a successful working professional and set you up for success in the career path of your choice. We leverage behavioral sciences, proven work-ready and college readiness pathways, and technology to teach you more about yourself, what career you would enjoy and how to make it become a reality!
Get Informed

Explore your work options before committing to an area of interest after high school.
Learn how a business operates with self-paced online courses, projects, and interactive challenges.
Learn about the different industries and areas of business such as marketing, information technology, finance, human resources, operations, and sales to discover where your natural abilities, skills, and interests lie.
This part of the program takes 6 weeks with an average of 2 1/2 hours per week.

Start Career Coaching

The program includes up to 5 coaching sessions with your personal career coach. Your coach will guide you through the program, help you define your work-life goals, and help you create an education and career plan that is right for you. Our career coaches are experienced business leaders with over 5 years of experience mentoring, hiring or leading people in the working world.
Coaching sessions are scheduled in our app. They are virtual meetings that take up to 30 minutes each.

Explore Reality

Work is all about solving problems in the world. Use virtual reality to experience a day in the life of your chosen field and give it test drive. We want you to have a realistic perspective on the work you choose.

Gain Experience

Match with your internship, externship or learn on the job opportunity.


Now you are equipped and ready to launch into adulting!
With the advice and knowledge you gained from the program you can choose what's next for you. For some that means going directly into a full-time position with the company they interned with. For others it will be submitting a college application. Or, maybe you want a gap year to discover more about the world around you.
Whatever the path is, we help you secure a job, find the right education at the best price and/or connect you with externships or apprenticeships abroad.
The path is yours!

Enrollment Process

Submit Registration Form

Receive and activate your App access code

Schedule your introductory coaching session on the App

Get Your Welcome Email

Program begins

Know what you are going to do after graduation. Choose a path that's right for you.

Payment & Sponsorship Options.

Invest in Your Future with Self-Pay - Länch Experience

Invest in Your Future with Self-Pay

Get on Waiting list for Corporate Sponsorship - Länch Experience

Get on Waiting list for Corporate Sponsorship

Use a Qualified College Savings Plan or Scholarship - Länch Experience

Use a Qualified College Savings Plan or Scholarship

Align your Education to the Job you Want without becoming another statistic.

We believe in education at the right time when it makes sense for the career goals you want to achieve. This means no unnecessary educational debt, time savings, and earning money sooner rather than later.

Our program will help you create the best education plan for you including certifications, licenses, trade schools, associate or bachelor’s degrees. 

Align your Education to the Job you Want without becoming another statistic
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