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I found myself in transition at 55 and having not been through a job search in a while. I felt like I was experiencing a lot of unconscious bias due to my age as well as young recruiters inability to assess my value given I’ve sold intangibles most of my career. The pepelwerk app let me highlight my skills without any mention of my age. I loved how when I got a match I was notified and if I accepted it went right to scheduling and interview. Feedback was immediate and I wasn’t ghosted after the interview. I got immediate feedback on next steps. I’ve worked for several Fortune 100 companies with 2 in HR Consulting and my experience with pepelwerk was far better than any of them. I’d highly recommend using pepelwerk.

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Best pre-hire experience scarpgo

I found my new employer through pepelwerk. Creating a profile was very easy. I love that this is a skills-based job matching platform (no resume needed) which saved me time from having to update my old resume. My job was eliminated due to covid19 after being with my employer for 5+ years. Updating a resume after that many years and several promotions was going to be a time-consuming task. I was also dreading the idea of going to your typical job boards to “apply” to jobs. After working as a recruiter, I knew my application was probably going to get “lost” in the hundreds if not thousands of applications and resume dumps. I knew there had to be a better way! That’s when I learned about pepelwerk. I was MATCHED with jobs very quickly, and ultimately I found my new employer on this app. I was able to complete my background check, review my offer letter, submit a driver’s license verification, all of this within the app. Thank you pepelwerk for simplifying the job search process!

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Excellent skills-based job matching app! RAnnaB_8

I recently graduated from my master program and Pepelwerk is the app that saved my life in Covid-19 time. It is definitely a harsh year for new grads but I’m glad that Pepelwerk gives me the great opportunity to develop my skills while getting connected with companies that need new grads like me. I learned Python, Java and Machine Learning through courses provided by Pepelwerk and I got my offer with a Pepelwerk job match last week with the new skills I learned. Super grateful about everything that Pepelwerk gave me!

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Great app for new grad 还看不

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