About Us

Our Motivators 

Talent First

Get work sooner rather than later, make the most of your wages and eliminate old-school road bumps along the way.

Technology For Good

Bringing back the human experience to getting work in a digital world.

Time Effective

Spend less time on the job hunt and more on the things you love.

How do we challenge and enhance the hiring experience for job seekers?

We are not a marketing platform, social media site, staffing agency or public job board. We are a private market place designed to bring back the human experience to the way we get work, keep work and stay relevant in a fast moving global economy.

For example:

Staffing agencies take a portion of your wage in order to place you into a job.

We cut out the middle man to ensure you are getting the full compensation offered for the position you signed up for. 

Job boards often host expired jobs, allow companies to advertise job posts and sell users data.

We keep your data safe and secure and only host verified jobs on the platform. We hold our employers to a high standard when it comes posting their opportunities.

Resume legacy systems take in hundreds of resumes, making formatting and submission for job seekers painful, time consuming and often left in a black hole to never be seen by recruiters.

We eliminate formatting pains with the talent profile. By focusing on quality matches over quantity we give our employers and job seekers an efficient, non-biased and practical hiring environment.  

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Our Philosophy


Our goal is to radically change how we approach our working world. That means simple process’, clear results and straight forward tools. We pride ourselves on creating a safe environment for our users so they can take back control of their werk-life.


We believe in highlighting peoples natural abilities and skills. Instead of trying to be something your not, we help you focus on all that you are. No games, no fake job posts and no wordsmithing resumes. Just real people and real work.


Typical hiring tools, whether it’s used by talent or employers, can be time consuming, lengthy and dreadful. We remove unnecessary steps and enhance existing ones. Cultivating a culture of proficiency, productivity and effectiveness in all of our tools.

no bullsh*t.

We pride ourselves on cutting out all the games and gimmicks typical staffing agencies, job boards and resume robots embody. in short, we don't put lipstick on pig and call it pretty. We never sell your data, never take part of your wages and don’t over charge employers to fill their jobs.

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